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Presented to Ms Leslie Woo, Vice President
Policy, Planning & Innovation,

What CTI will do 
1. Will combine transit and cycling to provide a high level of mobility comparable to
automobile travel.
2. It will increase options for inter-modal traveling.
3. Will provide flexible, fast and convenient urban transportation to the public in a cost-effective way.

Strategies for Integration of Cycling and Public Transit

1. Increase options for inter-modal travelling, with Bike-and-Ride facilities.
2. Bike and Ride facilities, in a Continuous Uninterrupted Service.
3. Bike racks on all buses, including GO transit.
4. Bicycles to board on trains at all times:
a) Special cars for bikes and riders.
b) Hooks in train cars.
5. Mobility Pass to allow seamless transfer within all modes of transportation.
6. Park-and-Ride with Bicycle facilities


Characteristic Park & Ride Bike & Ride
Land Requirements (m2) 30 1-2
Installation cost per space $10,000 – $12,000 $140 – $800
Operating cost per space (year) $110 $0 – $30


Benefits of CTI
Positive contributions will be to:
Public Health
Alleviation of pollution
Road Safety
Improvement of urban space.