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The synergistic approach to ecological and political issues, which are interdependent and complementary in policy development, is as important now as ever. Yet, after years of having participated in environmental activism on issues of air pollution, transportation, and the health effects of pollutants, I see to my dismay that there has been little progress, too inconsequential to merit praise. All levels of government conduct air pollution studies but there is no implementation of an action plan that will help resolve problems that have been identified. By the time short or long-term targeted goals are reached the problems are worsened and the standards on which these goals were based become obsolete.
“Sustainability and quality of life” have become merely vogue words to advance political platforms and placate naive and ever hopeful voters into thinking changes have been made, when no progress actually occurs. Empty rhetoric develops into broken promises. Lack of political will and determination, and the unrelenting influence of powerful corporate lobbying have created a discernible democratic deficit; a political failure regarding public concerns. Now is the time to awaken, stimulate and motivate the public into vigorous action, if we are indeed to preserve and hopefully enhance our quality of life.

This website was created to stimulate a dialogue on issues of concern to all of us in the form of a symposion. You are invited to contribute your thesis and anti-thesis to initiatives presented, and to include your proposal for best alternatives, based on regional and national conditions. Different perspectives will generate beneficial debate.

The Intent of this project is:
To examine and discuss every proposal and present it to appropriate level of government in its own jurisdiction, for consideration and implementation.
To raise public awareness of the urgency of these topics in order to preserve quality of life.
To motivate the public to become active and assertive participants in ecopolitical issues.
To broaden public view of societal concerns beyond limited community interests.
You are invited to contribute. Contributions consist of articles you authored (up to 300 words) or of a link to a published one. Your letters may be edited, and should include name and telephone number.

Lela Gary

Transit Advisory Committee, 1996-1997
Air Pollution Coalition of Ontario, 1997-2003
Air Pollution Coalition research projects are continuous.